Sausages & cold meats with an unbeatable taste made from the best ingredients!


Since the early 1990s, the Tsianavas family has been producing traditional cold meats and village sausages in the Karditsa region.

Its products were very popular which meant that the firm, which began as a cottage industry grew bigger and bigger. The company continued its drive to grow and improve, and in 2008 it relocated to a modern, privately-owned 1500 sq.m premises in Sofades, Karditsa, following all the legal requirements of the time. This move was part of the huge commitment and responsibility the company has invested in its operations.

Since then, Tsianavas cold meat production has been continuously investing in modern facilities and mechanical equipment and also in its scientific staff. It also invests in research to develop new innovative products with high added value and a strong brand identity.

Today, three decades later, it continues to be faithful to its philosophy of producing healthy, high quality cold meats and sausages which are always made with a passion for good food and a healthy respect for tradition.

Delicious cold meats from Tsianavas cold meats make all the difference! Exceptionally tasty village sausages and cold meats for the most demanding “foodies”. Try them now, and give your taste buds an unforgettable treat


Tsianavas cold meats invite you to treat your taste buds to our highest quality products with an unbeatable taste!

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