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FILOXENIA 2013: A Collective Effort Brings Rewards to the Municipality of Sofades. The Municipality of Sofades’ dynamic presence at this year’s 29th[…]
The Municipality of Sofades’ dynamic presence at this year’s 29th International Tourism Fair and the award it received for the best creation and presentation were the result of many peoples’ systematic, methodical and organised work.
Led by the Municipal Councillors Vangelis Kompogiannis and Pavlos Ragias, the twenty-member team that manned the Municipality of Sofades’ stand every day for the 4 day Fair made a particularly strong impression.
The Municipality of Sofades’ team was mainly made up from producers and local business executives, but also included volunteers (mainly students from Thessaloniki).
The producers who responded to the call from the Municipality and participated at the exhibition stand with their products were:

  1. Koithas TH.- Liakopoulou E. OE (Production and marketing of alcoholic beverages),
  2. Tsianavas (Production and marketing of cold meats),
  3. Katsikara – Gountara A. (Oregano),
  4. K & N. Mouliakos OE (traditional foods producer),
  5. Angelos & Konstantinos Chaidas (honey production and trade),
  6. Alexandra Rachmani (fruit and vegetable juices),
  7. Beekeeping Hellas – K. Doulias (production – trade of honey, sale of beeswax products),
  8. Ioannis Homeros Dafos (Agricultural Products).

In addition, the initiative taken by 14 associations from all across the Municipality to send 94 traditional pies proved to be a great success as visitors crowded round Municipality of Sofades’ stand to sample and admire the local, traditional flavours.
It was all this collective action that led to the Municipality of Sofades receiving its award at the 29th Filoxenia International Fair and this is our major message for our citizens: with joint and coordinated efforts we can put our locality on the path to development and progress.
The associations that prepared the traditional pies were the Cultural Associations of Achladia, Anavra, Rentina, Melissochori, Dasochori, Paschalitsa, Ermitsi, Mataraga, Mavrachades, Loutra, Smokovo, Kappadoko and Ambelo and the Women’s Association of N. Ikoni.